LIGNA.Conference in China

Digitization and automation (aka Industry 4.0) are big news at the moment. They promise to deliver sophisticated, intelligently integrated production and logistics processes that confer real competitive advantages. So, what form will this digital transformation take in the woodworking and furniture industry?

Answers to this and other burning questions will be provided at the upcoming LIGNA.Conference which will be held in Guangzhou, China, from 4 to 5 December 2018. Themed "Integrated Woodworking – Customized Solutions", the conference will shed light on key questions relating to digitization, integration and automation and the efficiency gains they promise for woodworking and furniture manufacturing firms and supplying industries of all sizes.

The conference will be held in the city of Guangzhou, southern China, the epicenter of China's booming furniture industry, immediately prior to the China Shunde International Woodworking Machinery Fair (Lunjiao) in the nearby city of Foshan.

It is targeted primarily at Chinese professionals from the furniture, supplier, automation technology and furniture manufacturing industries.